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IPS Canada (Intestinal Permeability Support)

IPS Canada (Intestinal Permeability Support)

SRP: $51.00

Categories: Allergies, Best-Sellers, Digestion, Energy-Boost, Gastrointestinal, H-Pylori, Immune-Support, Inflammation, NeoNatal-Glandulars

NPN: 80048573

Item Code: 8005

Quantity: 90 capsules

Description: Leaky Gut Support (Allergies)

FAQ: Do you know of anything that would increase levels of IgA? 

A: IPS can help in supporting the normal flora, thus may aide in increasing secretory IgA.  In the Weber protocol manual, under IPS, the following is indicated, “Imbalanced immune function can alter intestinal permeability due to inflammation, decreased sIgA, stress, and decreased nutritional status.
Dosage: 4 capsules in the morning and 4 at bedtime on an empty stomach or as directed ▶Research: It has become increasingly apparent that the gut and the immune system are inseparably interconnected in that the intestine secretes large amounts of the antibody IgA (sIgA), which binds to antigens and microorganisms to prevent their attachment and uptake by the gut mucosa.

Indications: For Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut, colitis, Crohn’s disease, allergies, intestinal mucosa repair, and gut detoxification. Lays down a new mucosa layer on the inside of the gut wall, inhibits food leakage thus reduces allergic reactions

Ingredients: Proprietary, broad-spectrum formula (650 mg) including Jerusalem artichoke, glutamine, porcine intestine concentrate, Tillandsia (Spanish Moss), glucosamine sulfate, gamma oryzanol, glutathione and catalase

Suggestion: Up to 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at bedtime on an empty stomach or as directed.

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A.D.P. (Anti-Dysbiosis Product) 60T
A.D.P. (Anti-Dysbiosis Product) 60T
SRP: $42.00
(60 tablets)
To BREAK DOWN BIOFILMS. Gut dysbiosis, toxic bowel syndrome, candida, intestinal parasites, yeast, fungus, genital-urinary tract infections and for antimicrobial action with upper respiratory bacterial or viral infections, especially in the case where there is antibiotic resistance. ADP can be used with Liquid Iodine or Liquid Iodine Forte™ Always follow up with probiotics after use over 2 weeks. Use BioDoph FOS (if constipated) BioDoph 7 Plus (if diarrhea) or Lactozyme (vegetarian).
Bio-HPF CANADA (H-Pylori Factor) May help activate AMPK
Bio-HPF CANADA (H-Pylori Factor) May help activate AMPK
SRP: $88.00
(180 capsules)
AMPK is a master control mechanism for cellular energy homeostasis. It determines body fat composition and has a significant impact on mitochondrial biogenesis, the diabesity spectrum and life span extension in mice models. Broad-spectrum, proprietary herbal blend (Licorice, Mastic Gum, Slippery Elm, Myrrh, Clove, Berberine, Anise, Berberis, Mahonia aquafolium, Baptisma tincture) for ulcers caused by H-pylori bacteria, gastric inflammation, gastrointestinal bacterial and parasitic infections, and toxic bowel; To BREAK DOWN BIOFILMS. Use with Gastrazyme, IPS and A.D.P.
Intenzyme Forte (Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin) 500T
Intenzyme Forte (Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin) 500T
SRP: $165.00
(500 tablets)
Broad-spectrum, proteolytic enzyme formulation from animal and plant sources including porcine pancreatin (100 mg/tab), bromelain (50 mg), papain (50 mg), trypsin and alpha chymotrypsin (100 mg), lipase, amylase and the vegetable culture antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (10 mcg each) for systemic inflammation, tissue damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis, phlebitis, free radical conditions, food sensitivities, and poor circulation due to inflammation or atherosclerosis
L-Glutamine Powder
L-Glutamine Powder
SRP: $96.00
(500 grams)
Supports metabolism for alcoholism, sugar cravings, impotence, fatigue, gastric inflammation, epilepsy, schizophrenia, peptic ulcer and mental retardation. Glutamine is a very important amino acid, essential for the preservation of lean muscle tissue, for the formation of the antioxidant glutathione, and for the production of neurotransmitters such as glutamate and GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). Although glutamine can be produced endogenously, physiologic demand exceeds the body\'s ability to produce the amino acid during times of stress, infection, acute injury and illness. In these times, glutamine becomes a 'conditionally essential amino acid' and must be provided exogenously to meet physiologic needs
BioDoph-7 Plus
BioDoph-7 Plus
SRP: $60.00
(60 capsules)
Improves digestive function, improves immunologic status, increases beneficial anaerobes, decreases “unfriendly” organisms, stimulates phagocytosis, soothes gastric mucosa, use after two weeks of A.D.P.™ anti-dysbiosis therapy
SRP: $57.00
(113 Grams (75 servings))
For restoration of normal bowel flora. Use in post-antibiotic therapy, diarrhea, constipation, gastric inflammation, intestinal parasites, fungal/yeast overgrowth, use after two weeks of A.D.P.™ anti-dysbiosis therapy