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Workshop 1: May 25-27
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  • Registration Closes: Feb. 2018
  • Course Length: 9 months
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SRP: $51.00

Categories: Adrenal-Support, Anxiety-Support, Brain-Support, Kosher, Sleep, Stress

NPN: 80035231

Item Code: 7707

Quantity: 30 capsules

Description: Stress, Adrenal and Healthy Sleep Support

Indications: De-Stress is a patented, specially produced milk protein hydrolysate, which constitutes a specific peptide concentrate, having demonstrated anxiolytic activity. Anxiolytic activity refers to the action of medications prescribed for anxiety symptoms. Use De-Stress to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, adrenal hyperfunction, and stress-related disorders such as panic attack and phobias. The De-Stress casein hydrolysate was also shown to have a "protective effect" on sleep, when subjects were exposed to chronic mild stress. For Human Clinical Trials, see attached PDF below.

Ingredients: European-researched, milk hydrolysate (hydrolyzed casein
concentrate) with anxiolytic peptides 150 mg

Suggestion: 1 capsule daily at bedtime for those under 110 lbs.

2-3 capsules daily with 1 at bedtime for those over 110 lbs or as directed.

PDF Document: Click to download

Product Label: Click to download

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ADHS 120T May help activate AMPK
ADHS 120T May help activate AMPK
SRP: $55.00
(120 tablets)
Stabilizes Adrenal Cortisol. AMPK is a master control mechanism for cellular energy homeostasis. It determines body fat composition and has a significant impact on mitochondrial biogenesis, the diabesity spectrum and life span extension in mice models. Used in hyperadrenia, hypoadrenia, stress, hyperinsulinism, afternoon tiredness, and depression. The adrenals have many hormone connections. The Adrenals and the hormone cortisol can influence thyroid function, blood sugar levels, hypertension, sleep patterns and weight loss. Always address the thyroid function when assessing adrenal function. Stressed Adrenal clients may suffer from hot flashes and diminished sex drive.

Bio-B-Complex (High Potency)
Bio-B-Complex (High Potency)
SRP: $35.00
(90 tablets)
Use for recovery from serious debilitation, alcoholism, and homocystinuria
ADB5-Plus 90 tab
ADB5-Plus 90 tab
SRP: $45.00
(90 tablets)
Vitamin, Mineral and Glandular support for adrenal hyper and hypo-function.
The Adrenals and the hormone cortisol can influence, sleep, thyroid function, blood sugar blood pressure and weight loss. It is very important to address the Adrenals when addressing the thyroid function (hypothyroid or hyperthyroid). Emotional stress can excite or deplete the Adrenal glands (fight or flight).
OVER ACTIVE: Too open to all inputs and therefore not being able to control the contents of the mind. Engaging in irritability, anger, frustration, impatience, overly demanding and too controlling.
UNDER ACTIVE: On a psychological level when the Adrenals are exhausted, “running on empty“. Too much stress and over-responsibility, can no longer “carry the load.” Drained of life force. Suffering from overload, threats to well-being, fear, anxiety and stress to the point where one can no longer care for themselves. Blood Pressure will be low.