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SRP: $41.00

Categories: Best-Sellers, Digestion, Gall-Bladder-Support, Gastrointestinal, Inflammation, Vegetarian

NPN: 80045790

Item Code: 1140

Quantity: 90 tablets

Description: Gastric inflammation and Morning Sickness

Indications: Methionine (derived from cabbage) an amino acid, has historically been referred to as 'vitamin U' in the European research literature, is known for it's Gut Healing properties. Gamma Oryzanol contains ferulic acid from rice bran oil which has shown marked antioxidant properties and was found to be an organic radical scavenger preventing lipoperoxidation. Chlorophyllins demonstrate the ability to bind divalent metal ions. Studies indicate that DNA damage by aflatoxiin can decrease as much as 55% through chlorophyllin supplementation as well as protecting the DNA. Use for ulcers, hiatal hernia, heartburn, acid reflux, gastric inflammation, general gastric distress, healing gut wall lining, MORNING SICKNESS (can add B-6 Phosphate) and for promotion of GI tract healing.

Additional Information (source wikipedia): Because chlorophyll does not dissolve in water, food sources of chlorophyll do not bind to mutagenic substances to a significant extent. Chlorophyllin, being water-soluble, can significantly bind to environmental mutagens such as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons benzo[a]pyrene[3] and dibenzo{a,i}pyrene.[1]
Chlorophyllin binds to mutagens twenty times better than resveratrol and thousands of times better than xanthines.[4]

Ingredients: Each tablet supplies:
Vitamin A (as natural mixed carotenoids and
palmitate) -2.5/1ratio) 3,500 IU
Gamma Oryzanol (from rice bran) 100 mg
Chlorophyllins (from Mulberry leaves) 20 mg
Vitamin U complex (as dl-Methionine, methylsulfonium
chloride) 10 mg
Catalase (from vegetable culture) 15 mcg

Suggestion: 2-3 tablets three times daily before meals or at bedtime as directed.

6 tablets three times daily with meals for ulcers for 30 days or until inflammation resolves and lesions heals.

References: Independent research and additional information
Gessler NN, Kharchenko LI, Pavlovskaia TE, Bykhovskii VIa. [Radiation-protective effect of S-methylmethionine ( vitamin U)] [Article in Russian] Prikl Biokhim Mikrobiol. 1996 Nov-Dec;32( 6):666-8
Stoliarov GV, Mys\'ko. [Treatment of depressive conditions with S-methylmethionine ( vitamin U)] [Article in Russian] Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 1981;81( 8):1209-12

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